On #socialTuesday and work resolutions

I don’t like to make resolutions at New Years. I don’t particularly like winter, so it’s already an uphill battle. There’s nothing worse than telling myself I’m going to start going to the gym or eating more fruit or whatever it is people usually do, and then realizing that there’s 6 inches of snow on the driveway and most of the vendors weren’t able to make it to the market. Don’t even get me started on giving up alcohol. January is for drinking in my world. Seriously.

But the start of school has always been a time for me to set new work habits for myself. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been in school and it’s hard to take preschool too seriously, so the last few years have been kind of a go-with-the-flow, find-my-footing, other-phrases-I-could-hyphenate kind of thing. But it seems fitting that the little one starting kindergarten coincided with my work asking everyone to start participating in #socialTuesday. Basically a series of challenges to get everyone in the newsroom onto various social platforms, learning to use them and thinking about how to use social platforms for different types of journalism.

So, I’m on board and I’m making a few resolutions regarding each of the following platforms:

Instagram: Follow me @aliciasecord for unique photos paired with short stories (4 sentences or less) about how they came about. Expect me to spam your feed. I like taking pictures.
Twitter: Follow me @alicia_secord for my #pageoftheweek posts (These are exactly what they sound like. I’ll pick the best page I design each week and post it.) and various other things people use Twitter for. (Bear with me, I’m still figuring this one out.)
Vine and Youtube: I don’t like watching videos, so I don’t really see myself making any either.
Reddit: I want to be cool enough for Reddit. Will someone make me cool enough for Reddit? Please?
Facebook: This one I’m a little weird on. I post photos of my family, and in particular my child, that I still want to restrict to family and close friends. But I’ve turned on Facebook Follow, so if you follow me there you’ll see the content that I’m posting for wider consumption.

So there you have it. Follow me, tweet me, whatever. I’ll get the hang of this stuff, I’m sure.


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