Cleaning Out the Kitchen: Day 7

One of the reasons I was glad to find Don’t Waste the Crumbs in the first place was I’ve been doing more couponing and rewards-hunting when shopping for the things we buy. Tiffany has a number of money-saving tips on a Pinterest board here and Day 7 of the cleaning out the kitchen challenge is all about ways to make a little more money to help upgrade the grocery list to better food.

There are a few ways that we’re already doing that: We have rewards card set up at every store we’ve ever shopped at, and I regularly claim high dollar value coupons and extra care bucks at Meijer and CVS (our two main stores). I don’t love the Target cartwheel app, but I do like that I can scan the items in my cart to see if there’s a deal rather than having to search through every offer.

Another set of apps I’ve recently picked up have been Ibotta and Checkout 51. Tiffany also recommends Jingit and Shopkick. They are rewards programs with which you can redeem cash on grocery (and other) purchases. The best thing is you can stack them with coupons without hitting overage limits. So for example, if you buy something on sale for $1.10 and you have a $0.50 Unfortunately none of them are available to download on my new (free) Windows phone, but we use them on T’s Android.

One nice thing about Ibotta was that when we set the invitation for her to join, I received $5 extra when she redeemed her first rebate to join my team. I earned another $5 when another friend signed up. So I’ve cashed out $12 already. Right now there are rebates on a variety of things, including any brand eggs, milk, bread and/or orange juice at most stores. Click here to sign up, or use my referral code: okeybrv. There’s a bonus if you redeem in the first 10 days. Plus, if the whole team earns a certain amount in rebates in a month, we get another monthly bonus. The rebates pay out to your PayPal or Ibotta will send you a gift card. It’s your choice. Once you sign up, you’ll get a referral link too. You’ll get $$ back for anyone who redeems an offer in the first 10 days after signing up.

One that Tiffany recommends is Swagbucks, which has a ton of ways to earn rewards. You redeem the rewards for gift cards and bring that grocery bill into line. Seriously, go over there and check it out. Again it isn’t available in the Windows store, but it does have an app for Android and Apple. I’ve signed up for a few secret shopping apps in the past, but I haven’t seen a lot of options in my area so I’m going to check out the one she has listed.

However, I don’t do craigslist or garage sales. The one time I ever tried it, no one showed up and it was a lot of work and wasted time with zero reward. I’m going to stick to donating things to charity and taking the tax write-off. I don’t see the return on it right away, but we see it later in the form of a larger tax return.

So there you have it folks, a relatively painless challenge that is making me feel pretty good about everything we’ve managed to do so far. I will end on this note though: There’s always more money to be saved, but there comes a point where you’re sanity is the most important thing. Keeping the balance is key to your happiness. And if mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.

This Series

Oct. 4 – Clean out the fridge
Oct. 5-6 – Eat the old stuff
Oct. 7 – Create a grocery budget
Oct. 9 – Ditch hydrogenated oils
Oct. 10-12 – Clean out the Freezer
Oct. 13 – Eat a Simple Meal
Oct. 14 – Make money
Oct. 19 – Plan meals for one week
Oct. 30 – Clean out the pantry and cupboards; Create a signature company dish; Use food twice
Oct. 31 – Budget check-in
Nov. 1 – All the rest


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