Weekly Check-In

I didn’t write out every shopping trip, this week, because they were a bit more convoluted. Instead, I’m breaking out this week’s check-in into its own post. Last week, I spent $80.90 on groceries and more than twice as much on eating out. This week we’ve done much better on that ratio, and played the drugstore game a bit.

Meijer (round 1)

The first one, I’m not sure if I’ll count in the overall. We went to Meijer to get the little one underwear and socks because with everything going on he had one set clean before going down to visit my mom in NC. If he had stayed here, we would have just done laundry, but I couldn’t bring myself to send him down there with only two sets the clean one and the one he was wearing. My mom would have bought him more, but considering everything she’s done for us over the years, even a $10 bag of socks feels like too much now. We also got some stuff to patch and paint the walls at the old house to save on the security deposit, and a cup for the little one to have on his trip because it was fun. So the trip on Oct. 10 was all functional items, but it came from a grocery store. Here’s what we spent:
Chip Brush – 1.19
Waxman Stopper – 1.29
Socks 50% off – 2.99
Underwear – $7.99
Primer Kit – 9.99
Trudeau Tumbler on sale – $2.09
Cup on sale – $2.09
I had a $5 off catalina coupon from a few weeks ago. So that brought the total to $23.99, with $15.80 in savings. Trips like this leave me wondering where we’d go for this stuff if we refused to get it from a grocery store. The socks and underwear would mean going to a clothing store. And the painting stuff would come from a hardware store. We likely wouldn’t have bought the cups, but we also wouldn’t have been able to use the catalina on this trip. Would it have been more expensive? Less? Would we have found socks for 50% off? I don’t know the answers, although I do know I regularly find things at Meijer for cheaper than I find them at Home Depot, so there’s that.


Trip number two ended up being an adventure in the drugstore game. We went to CVS, where they had 9-roll packs of Charmin for $5.99 (a savings of $1.50 per pack). Normally we don’t buy the 9-roll packs because the rolls are shorter, but in comparing it to the 16-roll pack it was actually slightly more per roll, not less. On top of that, when you buy $30 of some P&G products, you get $10 extra care bucks back. I had a $5 off $25 coupon that I had printed at work and promptly forgot to bring home with me, and I hadn’t known about the $0.25 off Charmin coupons. But, such is life.

So on the first run through, we spent $31.75 on five packs of Charmin. We got $10 ECB back.

On the second run through, it looked like we were $0.05 away from a second $10 ECB on the Charmin/Bounty thing, so we rang up with $8.99 6-pack of Bounty (a $4 savings) and $2.79 24-pack of Nestle water (a $2.20) savings. $10 ECB + $2.32 out of pocket.

Well, it turns out, that we had actually claimed that $10 ECB and the receipt was in error. So we returned the Bounty (we didn’t really need paper towel that much) for the $2.32 back + a gift card for $7.20. We then got three more packs of Nestle water (because I love it) for $2.79 each (total savings of $6.60). We ended up paying $1.16 out of pocket.

Total trip: $32.91

Meijer (round 2)

Part of the crazy day that was Saturday included a trip to Meijer. I wanted to get meat from a little market near our old house, but we kept running out of time, so we ended up getting it from Meijer finally, because I wanted to make meatloaf Sunday. You know how well that went. Here’s what we got:
Faygo 5 20-oz 3.45
Faygo 4 2-liters ($0.10 off ea.) 3.96
Oreos 2.98
Chicken tenderloin 4.81
($1 off coupons for each) 4.87
Ice cream (we were more careful with the purchase this time)
Buy 2, get 1 free 7.98
Ritz Chips ($0.69 off) 2.50
Caramel Apple ($0.29 off) 1.00
Ground beef (20% off) 6.49
Ground beef 6.79

The two packages of chicken tenderloin had $1 off coupons on them that we were able to use right away. And I had a $5 and a $10 off coupon from mPerks rewards I redeemed last week. Total for this trip: $28.23 with $22.37 in savings.

As you can tell, when the little one is gone, we tend to let things slide (like oreos and ritz chips). It’s easier to stick to a strict no junk food diet around him if we indulge our cravings when he isn’t around.

In total, we spent $84.69 on groceries and $99.76 on eating out.
That brings the running two week total to $165.59 for groceries and $267.02 out of the house.
We’re getting there, folks!


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