Weekly Check-in

This week, in addition to accounting for the groceries I’ve bought, I’ve also been keeping track of how well we stuck to our meal plan. For reference, this was the plan:


The reality

(S) I was writing the meal plan as we were eating lunch so I didn’t fill it in. We had various breakfast items.

For dinner, T made squash ravioli in an apricot glaze. I brought a can of soup to work with me, but someone ordered pizza for everyone working through the Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon so I ate that instead. And cookies. Marathon cookies don’t count. Right?

Pizza Bagels Oct 20(M) Meatless spaghetti didn’t happen at all this week, because I still can’t find the blender. (Step one for me is puree two cans of tomatoes.) Instead, I made pizza bagels for lunch and T sent me with more of the ravioli for dinner.

I paired it with a can of beets that I had in my desk and the can of soup from Sunday (I swear I have a second pantry stashed away at work). Soup and ravioli I didn’t actually get to the soup, it ended up being lunch a couple days later. I saved the beet juice for vegetable stock. T made the turkey breast while I was at work so we had turkey and brussels sprouts for a late night dinner.

(T) We were out running errands in the morning and ending up stopping in to see T’s mom. She took us out for breakfast and we ended up taking some leftovers home. That night we all ate leftovers.

(W) We chaperoned the little one and his class at the farm, so rather than an early lunch, we all ate breakfast figuring it would tide us over til lunch time. Then of course we got to the farm and they had free cider and donuts. We succumbed.
Powdered donuts at Bowers Farm Cider and Donuts at Bowers Farm
But look how happy that kid is. I’ll chalk it up to a win.
They usually go to dinner with T’s mom on Wednesday, but this week it was pushed to Thursday. T made turkey salad wraps from the last of the turkey breast and work catered pizza again. (I snagged some for the little one’s lunch). On the way to work though, the little one asked to do something extra special with mom. So I suggested that they go get ice cream (and bring me some). They’re so nice.

(R) T’s best friend had a baby Thursday morning, so we prepped sandwiches for the day and headed to the hospital. But we didn’t bring enough food so she and I ended up stopping at McDonalds and split a happy meal. I went to work empty-handed and they had dinner with her mom. After work though, the new (again) mommy let us pick up a very late dinner on the way back to the hospital, because T decided to spend the night with her. So we’ll call that day a wash.

(F) Friday is where my budget starts over but my meal-planning doesn’t line up because I always think to do it on Sunday. I think the budget is going to shift.
Anyway, I kept the little one home with me and took him up to the hospital to see the new baby. We grabbed McDonalds (for him) and coffee (for T and the new mom) on the way up there. We had other errands to run and it was payday, so we decided our one out-of-pocket eating out was going to be Apple Annies, a from-scratch restaurant in Warren that was totally worth it. And then we napped. It was lovely.

(S) This ended up being a full-on leftovers day. We did all of our shopping (four stops total) in one day and in-between we really didn’t want to stop to cook. With all the eating in restaurants this week, we had plenty of food that needed to get eaten to clear space for the groceries we picked up.

Groceries this week

(again the week is recorded Oct. 17-23, so I’m not counting this Friday or Saturday here)
Target shopping trip Oct 20
Target $0.00 (Monday)
– Bread
– Milk
– Creamer
– Eggs
– Raisins
The total was actually $14.62, but I had 3 gift cards totaling $50. So I left the store with nothing coming out of my pocket, which was vital this week.

CVS $-13.16
I returned a package of Mucinex that rang up more than I’d expected on a prior trip and purchased q-tips and a Sprite.

In total, we spent $-13.16 on groceries and $45.99 on eating out (including 4 coffee shop beverages). That brings the running two week total to $152.43 for groceries and $313.01 out of the house.


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