Recipe: Lazy Tacos

I make “tacos” about twice a month, but it’s not the whole involved spread that a lot of people seem to do. Tacos are really a simple meal for us, because they often include just meat and tortilla chips. Today we brought them on our weekly market run. Twenty minutes before we left, resulted in a portable meal to sit at a table near favorite produce stall and pair with a fresh-bought apple and bananas. And since I use my own spices rather than a flavor packet, there’s no MSG or other fillers mucking things up.

Now, usually, I just cook up the hamburger meat, throw in the spices and water, and taste test from there. But in the spirit of teaching my son to cook, I’ve been trying to measure out my put-these-spices-in-until-it-tastes right recipes to give him a starting point. These recipes will all be linked to my recipes page.

Here’s what I used this time around:
3 tbsp cumin (we got off brand cumin this time and it tasted really stale, bleh)
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp black pepper (I remembered afterward that I ususally do half black pepper and half red pepper flakes. I’ll measure that out next time.)
0.5 tbsp garlic salt
0.5 tbsp onion salt
1 tsp onion powder (Next time, I’ll use just onion powder. It was a bit too salty.)
Water – enough to wet the cooked meat and get the spices flowing around

Dump it in a bowl, add chips. Voila! Lazy tacos.


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