12-Step Resolutions: Work and Fun

I have a lot of things I want to tackle this year. Due to all the spheres of influence I’ve been thinking about, I decided to break it up and share my plans for 2015 over the course of the month of January. Here is part 4: Work and Fun.

When I talk about my work-life balance, there’s a part of me that is disgusted with the #firstworldproblems aspect to the whole thing. Who am I to be discontent that I have a full-time job that pays all my bills AND time to spare with which to feel discontent? But this is the existence I’ve been privileged to experience, so what should I make of it? And how do I derive the most happiness from it?

Here are the main questions I feel need to be addressed in order to find balance and contentment:
– How do I grow my happiness with my work environment?
– How do I grow my happiness with my work output?
– What is my personal brand? Is my focus primarily work-based or is there a personal flair or interest I want to inject?
– How do I grow this brand?
– Does my happiness outside of work rely on my happiness at work?
– Does my happiness at work rely on my happiness outside of work?
– What is the right balance of doing and relaxing in my non-work time?
– What type of people do I want to surround myself with outside of work?
– How to I build and maintain friendships with those people?
– What do I need to enjoy my life?

I really don’t have a roadmap for this one. Just a lot of questions and a long journey of self-discovery.

Obligatory backpacking photograph inspired by this post.

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock

This series: Part 1: Food | Part 2: Fitness | Part 3: Finances | Part 4: Work and Fun


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